Wedding day

A wedding is an act of love, and love is a willing gesture in which two people join to walk together for their entire life, giving up to their own individual selves and turning it into a mutual will. 

I decide in free will that from now on, I want to share everything with you, my time, my happiness, my sadness, my success, my failures, my desires, my frustration, my certainties, my doubts, my principles, my values, and my limits.

All this, but with you, because you only are capable of giving meaning to what I do, and all I want to accomplish. I want you to be part of all my plans, as a couple and my personal and professional ones, because with you my loneliness finds a companion, my happiness finds a reason and my sadness comfort. 

You are the one who gives meaning to my life and with you only I want to walk through life. Fulfill my basic needs, love and be loved, my need to belong, but, most of all, my need to transcend.