Why us? Personalized & tailor-made events with professional gourmet catering– this is our promise:

We are locals in San Miguel

  • We’ve more than 11 years of experience hosting & serving international guests in San Miguel de Allende. Take advantage of our contacts, networks and our know-how.

You know what they say, Jack of all trades, master of none…

  • We know the town top to bottom because we live and work here for many years and focus on SMA area only.

From A to Z

  • Greta will work with you right from the beginning of the process: starting with creating budgets, drawing up time lines, scouting locations, providing customized vendor recommendations, paperwork with local authorities, as well as all further details required before and after the wedding....


  • We have no strings attached with any vendor and we are only committed with you. The pool of choices is yours and every option is possible!


  • Because your event is special, you need someone who specializes in you. Every event will be hosted by Greta directly and we offer a one to one service at all times. Whether through meetings, calls, or emails, you can be sure that Greta will be there.
  • We only take the number of events that allow us to thoroughly understand the desires of our clients and dedicate all the required time to make sure no detail is missed.

Nonstop attention

  • Get all the attention you deserve!  Our full-service approach provides you with unlimited planning, orientation and design meetings. Take all the time you need and let us help you create unforgettable moments.

We are flexible

  • We embrace weddings and events of all sizes and budgets. We customize our service offer to meet your unique needs!

Last but not least, we help you stay on budget

  • Greta is a professional chef who has spent the last 11 years successfully managing a top restaurant at SMA and previously spent more than 5 years working in the restaurant industry in the Riviera Maya.

Profit from the combo! Save money when choosing Greta as your Planner + Catering provider.

But don’t worry, if you chose not to take her as your catering, she’ll be pleased to still plan your event and suggest the options that best suits your needs.

Capabilities include

  • Catering: food and beverages
  • Budget creation and management
  • Location scouting
  • Creation and management of a planning time line
  • Customized vendor recommendations
  • Vendor liaison
  • Payment schedules
  • Event design and location styling
  • Floor plans and flow of the event
  • Set up sheets
  • Wedding day time line
  • Comprehensive checklists
  • Entire wedding day management
  • Hotels and touristic recommendations
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Day activities for guests