We organize different private events offering the project layout and the organization of the activities.

Among the events that we organize:

Engagement ceremony 

The engagement ceremony used to be when the boyfriend would ask the girl's parents’ authorization to marry her. Nowadays things have changed and the boyfriend asks directly the girl if she wants to marry him, offering the engagement ring as a symbol of commitment. It’s normally a surprisingm, original and intimate event.

To choose the ring is one of the most important steps of the engagement moment. It will be necessary to investigate the correct size of her left ring finger which is, according to tradition, where the love vein passes through, connecting straight with the heart.

Finding the perfect place to ask for somebody's hand is something very personal because normally couples tend to choose a place that holds a special meaning for both of them. 

As for all the rest, leave it to us….


Each year, the wedding anniversary is a moment to celebrate, be it the 25th, 50th, or 75th, it is a time to celebrate family and friends. 

The silver weddings are the most celebrated anniversaries and couples also love to renew their vows on this occasion and celebrate their love once again.   

The gold wedding is another important wedding anniversary that many couples love to celebrate. 

Regardless of how many years of marriage you are celebrating, we would love to be part of it and help you organize this important milestone. 

15th birthday

This is a celebration that you only live once in life and it stays in our memory forever. 

The organization of your 15th birthday takes in consideration different aspects of the event, including theme color, entertainment, food, invitations, venue, and, most importantly, the dress, with the main goal in mind to create lifetime memories and a celebration that marks a new stage of your life. 

You need to keep in mind, though, that contracting all these services can be a little tricky and that’s where we step in. As professional event planners, we will help you find the best options for your requests and needs. 

Baby Shower

The baby shower is a very important celebration that requires lots of preparations in every detail.  

Guests, activities, theme choice, food, and presents, everything must be well planned and prepared for. But you don’t have to worry because everything is much simpler if you have a planner to help you out.